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Certified Private, Semi-Private or Group Swimming Lessons for all Family Members

Red Cross WSI (Water Safety Instructor), Adapted Aquatics, CPR and First Aid certified.

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Lessons are given by appointment only.
The classes are 30 minutes long and are specific to the individual progression of each swimmer.

Private Lessons:  Ages 6 months to adult

Infants to Adults.
One-on–one instruction at any age or skill level.
For babies parents have the option to go into the pool with instructor but it is not mandatory.

Semi-Private Lessons:   2 1/2 years old to adult

2  Individuals similar age and/or skill level per instructor.

Group Lessons:

(3 or 4) Similar age and/or skill level per instructor (you have to put the group together)

Aqua Babies:  Ages 6 - 30 months

As a group - Parents or caretakers must be in the water with their babies and the swim instructor.
Private - Parent or caretaker have the option to be in the water with their baby.

Aqua Babies: 6 months to 2 ½ years old

Parents have the option to get in the water with their child, if there is more than one child, parents are required to accompany the children. The instructor introduces parents and infants to the water through toys and games to acquire the skills and safety required. These classes are intended to help give the child the opportunity to survive in the water on their own and to give the parent time to reach them in case of an accident. It is not designed to leave the child unattended in or around any source of water.

Level 1 Aqua Babies: 2 ½ years to Adult

This is an entry class for beginners. The child will learn water entry, bubble blowing, and under water exploration and general water safety skills.

Level 2 Aqua Babies: 2 ½ years to adult

This class is designed for the more advance swimmers. In this program we will introduce the swimmer to strokes, (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, and more), diving, and threading water. Individuals are taught to swim and improve their level of skills. Including, but not limited to, breath holding, front and back float, entering and exiting water independently, self-propulsion, etc.

Level 3 Aqua Babies: 2 ½ years to adult

In this class, individuals are taught to swim and improve their level of skills. This class focuses on improving the different strokes and to build up stamina.

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Hours of Operation

9am to sunset From March to November.
All year round with a heated pool.

Child Drowning Research Shows?

In 18 states, including Florida, drowning is the leading cause of death for infants and young children. Everyday, 11 infants and young children drown in the U.S. and another 39 fall into a body of water and suffer permanent injuries. These Are Preventable Tragedies Swimming lessons protect your child and provide them a foundation for lifelong enjoyment of the water.

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